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Its memorial weekend, and a lot of people around where I come from like to go camping at the lakes. I admit I love the whole pitching a tent and fishing and campfires and all that but I’m cursed when it comes to camping.

It never fails, every time I camp, the storms roll in, I have even been accused of causing storms just from going out to the lake and visiting friends/family who were camping lol.

For many years I continue to defy/deny/ignore/break this curse and I just can’t shake it.

Its bad enough being zipped up in a flimsy tent, can’t see what’s going on out there, don’t know what that creepy noise is, and your imagination runs away with you. “Was that a twig breaking? Was that footsteps crunching the grass? Is it a snake? Is it a serial killer???” Your frozen your thinking about jumping up and in lightning speed unzip that tent and fly outta there, but of course with your luck the zipper will get stuck, you’ll go into a panic and there’s a tent floppin around screaming for help lol.

So the last time I went camping, tornadoes came through. It was late at night my son and hubby were sleeping soundly and I of course was wide awake listening, and before long, the rain/wind/lightning and thunder come rolling in, so I’m freaking out, trying to wake the boys, I’m grabbing shoes and pillows and what ever

I could feel for in the dark. The tent was collapsing in on us and when I finally got my hubby up I was of course struggling with the zipper door, begging him to get us outta here. ” honey what do we do, what do we do”  he says “grab the chips!” (Really? He’s all about a bag of doritos at a time like this?) So he unzips us and makes a bee line for the car, then comes back realizing he forgot us lol.

Any way, our brand new tent was ruined and I have decided to accept my curse and never tempt fate again, but I will continue to bring the clouds and excitement to my camping friends/family. 🙂


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